All our products will be sent by courier within the bounderies of Bulgaria and these costs are on behalf of the buyer unless stated otherwise( promotional actions).

Cliënt will have the choice of buying adapted packaging in our shop for frozen/refrigerated goods (choice Ekont Isobox). In this price is a refundable fee of 25BGN included when the box and the cooling-elements will be returned (within 14days after delivery) to BeNl Foodshop. After returning in decent condition, we will submit a voucher for the amount  of 25BGN to the client(only valid on min. order of 100BGN). Isobox should be returned to the Econt office in 2760 Razlog. We will take care of the shipment costs. Just hand over the box to the Ekont employee and ask that the recipient (La Cala Foods) covers the shipment costs.

By not returning the isobox within the 14-day period, client agrees to purchase the box and  elements for the amount of 25BGN.


BeNl Foodshop is not responsable for the quality if cliënt prefers to ship the goods with normal package box (Ekont Classic)



BeNl Foodshop will not accept any return of Frozen and/or refrigerated products because the quality can't be controlled by sending them back. Cliënt has to be aware that they loose their right to return these products as soon as they place the order as they agree on those special terms and conditions of our foodshop.

Canned products or dry food can be returned within 14 days after receiving and will be always on buyers expense. Excluded are goods with a limited expiration date. As soon as we receive the returned goods, we will check the quality and the packaging and if this check is positive, we will initiate the refund of the returned products.

Non-delivery of a purchased and paid product will be reimbursed in the form of a voucher for the value of the amount paid to be used in our webshop. No refunds will be made.

BeNl Foodshop can't be held responsable for damaged or expired returned goods.